Win Great British Soap Bars For Life!

by Simon Oakley


It's simple really. At The Great British Soap Company we know you, our supporters are key. Without you we certainly wouldn't be able to launch our UK soap bars.

So to say thankyou we're going to give one lucky person a free supply of our UK soaps every month for life. 

There'll also be runners up too with full details released when we launch.

  • To enter simply sign up to receive emails in the footer of our website
  • You must be signed up prior to when we launch to be entered
  • Free UK mainland postage is also included
  • When we say for life, we mean it. The only exception is if The Great British Soap Company ceases trading or is sold to a new owner.
  • The winner will receive a unique discount code allowing them to choose one bar per month forever!
  • We wont spam you but by signing up you are agreeing to receive marketing emails & other communication from The Great British Soap Company.