The Great British Soap Co.

From our little Yorkshire soap shop in Leeds called Adam & Eco, we've been busy sourcing & selling the best natural soap bars from the UKs' best soapmakers since 2016 & thought now was the perfect time to create our own.

We didn't want to create just another soap bar though. Instead we've created a truly ethical soap bar with an incredibly low carbon footprint that wont cost the earth. Find out What Makes Our Soap Unique in our soap blog.

We'll share more on our journey shortly but for now please follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Great British Soap Is UK Made With 100% UK Ingredients

Minimal Carbon Footprint

All UK soap bars however natural or ethical contain common ingredients that have all been imported. Every ingredient we use has been grown & made right here in the UK.

Great British Soap Is Zero Waste

100% Zero Waste

Our plastic free ingredients & packaging are 100% biodegradeable & will home compost within 3 months, leaving absolutely no trace on our beautiful British Isles.

Great British Soap Is Suitable For All Skin Types

UK Certified

Did you know all topical skincare products including handmade soap bars have to be legally assessed before they can be sold? Ours has been & is suitable for all skin types.

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