What Makes Our Natural UK Soap Unique?

Our all natural UK soap bars:
  • Contain nothing artificial
  • Use only natural British ingredients, most of which are sourced from within  Yorkshire
  • Contain no cleansing Coconut Oil & suitable for very sensitive skin
  • Are naturally high in Vitamins A, D, E & K, Anti-Oxidants & Minerals
  • Are high in natural Glycerin
  • Are handmade using the traditional Cold Process method with no wastage
  • Packaged inside home compostable Glassine paper bags

You have already read that The Great British Soap Company soap bars contain no imported ingredients & no Coconut Oil, but if most Soap Makers use Coconut Oil as it equals bubbles & lather, then will this mean our UK soap bars wont have bubbles & lather?

Well our British soap bars do certainly create bubbles & lather, but just have a little less, as shown in this image.

Lather & Bubbles From The Great British Soap Company Soap Bars

As a result of not being able to use Coconut Oil within our handmade soap bars, we have turned to 2 other natural UK ingredients that aid with creating bubbles & lather. One of these being Milk Fat (known as Ghee, this is the very best part of the milk used in other soap bars) & the other, well that's a little secret, but the ingredients are labelled in line with all UK regulations.

Even though we know it's not the bubbles that clean, we understand people like to see some lather & have tried hard over the last 18 months testing recipes to ensure you get some.

For us this is a compromise we are prepared to make to create what is most likely the UKs' most ethical soap bar with no imported ingredients & an incredibly low carbon footprint.

If you're as green as we are then hopefully you'll agree it's a worthy compromise & enjoy using our soap as much as we do!

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