Coconut Oil Equals Bubbles

We've been stocking & selling the most popular UK made soap bars from our Yorkshire soap shop in Leeds since 2016 now. As such we've tried a lot of soap bars all with different ingredients, but one ingredient just keeps popping up; Coconut Oil.

Soap Makers produce natural soap bars with Coconut Oil for a whole host of reasons but one of the main reasons is it's ability to create lots of lovely bubbles & lather.

There are other ingredients that will provide similar qualities but none of these are grown within the UK. All have to be imported creating a much larger Carbon footprint. There are other cunning methods some Soap Makers do use to assist with bubbles & lather but for us these just added to the carbon footprint.

We didn't want this. We wanted a true UK soap bar that will clean without over cleansing, and is as green as we can possibly make it.

So we've sourced all of our ingredients from right here on our glorious British Isles, with the majority of ingredients being produced less than 10 miles away.

Of course that inevitably results in less choice & a bit of compromising. We're honest Yorkshire folk & know our true UK soap bar wont suit everyone, but if your like us, then hopefully you'll understand the benefits far outweigh any negatives.

Plus bubbles are mostly cosmetic, they don't actually clean you that much. You'll still get bubbles and lather with our true UK soap bar, you'll just get less.

You can find out more about What Makes Our Soap Unique and the compromises we are happy to make in our next Blog post.

We absolutely love what we've created & have been using it ourselves for the best part of a year now, we just hope you do too. But if not our soap shop in Leeds has lots of alternatives waiting for you!

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