The UKs Best Soap For Dry Skin

Simon started selling moisturising soap bars for dry skin from many smaller soap makers back in 2016 when struggling with his own Eczema. Many of these small Artisanal soap makers all claimed to have the UKs' best soap for dry skin conditions like Eczema & Psoriasis, but what was the common denominator?

Honey & Oatmeal The UKs Best Soap For Dry Skin

It was Honey & Oatmeal soap bars, but why did this often make for the UKs' best soap for dry skin? Here's a few reasons:

  • Honey is a natural Humectant helping your skin to retain moisture
  • Oatmeal in soaps creates a soothing milk full of natural Saponins that clean without cleansing
  • These soaps were often fragrance & essential oil free meaning zero allergens
  • Often made with the most moisturising natural oils such as Rapeseed

At the Great British Soap Company we have learnt that some oils work better for dry skin than others, which is why we believe we really do have the best soap for dry skin in the UK as we use Vitamin E loaded, moisturising Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil.

Unlike most other soap makers, we create Coconut Oil free soap bars, given Coconut Oil in soaps can be too cleansing for some drier skin conditions.

Take a look at why our customers also believe we have the UKs' best Coconut Oil free soap bar for dry skin by reading some of the reviews for our Yorkshire Honey & Oatmeal soap.

If you're Vegan or on a budget, try our all natural British Oatmeal Soother soap bar which is also one of the UKs' best soap bars for dry skin. Loaded with more soothing Oatmeal instead of Honey.