Try Coconut Oil Free Soap Bars For Dry Skin

Being a British soap maker using zero imported ingredients naturally results in producing Coconut Oil free soap bars, but why is that a positive thing? Coconut Oil can be too cleansing in natural soap.

We already believe we produce some of the best soap bars for Eczema & dry skin with our Coconut Oil free soap bars being a primary reason why.

Most artisanal soap makers know Coconut Oil equals bubbles, hence why it's often a primary ingredient within the majority of soaps made in England, but what they often hide is that Coconut Oil can also be a cleansing ingredient when used in traditional soap making.

So for us, creating a Coconut Oil free soap bar is hugely positive attribute & another reason why we believe we produce the UKs' best soap bars for dry skin conditions including Eczema.

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