Try Coconut Oil Free Soap Bars For Dry Skin

Being a British soap maker using zero imported ingredients naturally results in producing Coconut Oil free soap bars, but why is that a positive thing?

Most Soap Makers know Coconut Oil can be too cleansing in natural soap, especially if you already have a drier skin type. Try search on Google something like 'is Coconut Oil in soap bars too cleansing?'

Traditional Cold Process soap makers also know Coconut Oil equals bubbles, hence why it's often a primary ingredient within the majority of handmade soap made in England. This is a reason why they then often hide that Coconut Oil can also be a cleansing ingredient when used in traditional soap making.

So for us, creating a Coconut Oil free soap bar is hugely positive attribute & another reason why we believe we produce the UKs' best soap bars for dry skin conditions including Eczema.

Don't just take my word though, find out why our customers also believe we have the best handmade soap for dry skin in our next blog post.

Thanks for reading. From your natural British Soap Maker Simon.

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